i am afraid  

Front door of the hall in Jama Masjid

going places is never easy. i have always adorned an anxiety of being found by someone i never want to see. i am afraid of being called names which would make me stumble upon my long forgotten history. i am afraid of facing multitudes possessing their own life full of difficulties. i am afraid of finding how miserable the human life could be. i am afraid to confront the real world which reflects back at me my own reflection of ceasing humanity.

Hye Guys. I am so sorry for not updating in a while. I am hopefully getting my productive vibes again so let me give a cheer and begin all over again. I hope you continue to read and support this little place full of explorations of mine. You can find me here on Instagram and I will also provide ya’ll with my email soon. Do let me know how have you guys been and how do you guys find my lil world 🌎? Till then Good Bye and stay tuned people