That City….

This what the typical afternoon looks like in India.

the city so humble at radius like its people’s hearts

has witnessed the history,

that upheld one and tarnished the other part 

it enfolds abodes which are heavens smelling of mango and chili Achaars 

the overhead tanks embellish the tops 

while the sun gladly falls on the red bricked walls

and together they give birth to the parable so stark 

unlike the swinging string carrying the laundry or 

the tangy taste of the home grown tangerines,

and other devouring greens – thelifeexcerpts

Hello guys! I hope you guys are doing well. So, this is a piece driven by the realization of beauty and astonishment which lies in the normal life and usual sights. Do let me know what do you feel about the wonders of daily sights in the comment section below 🙂 I hope you’re liking it. Bye.